Vehicle Preparation

Before being sold, every car will undergo up to 40 hours of multi-stage machine paint correction in our custom, temperature-controlled detailing studio. To leave the paint with a "better than factory" finish, this extremely labor-intensive method eliminates all signs of swirl marks, which are extremely fine scratches caused by incorrect washing techniques, and holograms, which are scratches caused by inexperienced users with a machine polisher.

Along with this, all service items due within 6 months will be done. Not just by any garage, we have connections with local specialists for all manufactures to guarantee the product/services is of OEM quality if not better.

At our store, we believe in offering nothing but the best to our customers. That's why we only sell stock on premium tyres, with brands such as Michelin being a top choice. Not only do premium tyres offer superior performance, but they also last longer and provide better safety on the road.